Drone Stuff This Week 21st March 2017

The one in which we discuss women in the drone industry with Carla Taylor, Rhianna Lakin Loretta Alkalay and Nigel King. Regulars, Bruce Simpson, Gene Robinson, Jonathan Rupprecht as ever chip in.

Another one where we went over the hour.

00:52 Martek Marine and their €67M Maritime Drone Contract
03:17 Nigel King, QuestUAV what has changed
05:45 Lily Drone Bankruptcy
07:04 Yuneec Layoffs
07:30 John Taylor case
08:57 Mike Singer, Loretta has been assisting that case
12:22 DJI Node
14:55 DJI lives saved by drone
15:15 Rhianna Lakin, Standing Rock update.
22:02 Shooting down drones
32:04 Drone Girls cause complaints
52:06 TFRs for special events
58:13 Why worry about small drones?
59:23 Transport Canada rules, Bruce Simpson
1:00:55 Change manned aviation
1:06:00 Reviewing Rules in New Zealand
1:08:23 Who will own the sky?

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