Drone Stuff This Week 21st February 2017

drone stuff

The one with, AtlantikSolar and their 81-hour solar assisted flight as told by Philipp Oettershagen. A truly amazing accomplishment achieved with relatively low-cost solar cells. We will certainly be getting him back to tell us more on Drone Stuff This Week.

Rob Swynnerton from http://www.flyingwings.co.uk and his separate lift thrust (SLT) electric flying wing the Falcon Vertigo. It is controlled by the AirRails system from Swiss company UAVentures.

Loretta Alkalay talks DJI class action suits. A class action was instigated last Thursday in Pennsylvania federal court, a Phantom 2 owner updated his firmware and was unable to take images or record video afterwards.

Bruce Simpson’s friend cosmic ray and how he is causing chaos with electronic devices.

Gene Robinson and new battery technology http://www.siilion.com/technology-1A

The AOPA drone pilot scheme and chopping your legs off with the Russian manned multicopter.

A few other things as well!

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