Drone Stuff This Week – DSTW31


Two technical issues bothered the start of Drone Stuff This Week which lead me to create an international incident. I reported that Jonas Stjernberg was in Norway, he is actually in Finland. Jonas spoke about the Aurora Arctic Drone Hackathon a competition set in harsh weather conditions above the arctic circle. I sense the start of a new Outback Challenge.

Loretta unpacks today’s John Taylor hearing. If you have not listened to the audio from the courtroom, you should

Carole Mattessich, from the Cape May Test Site reports about UN trials and highlights the advantages of the Cape May FAA Test site.

Miles Abrams, of Eskin Drones is a Cape May user that specialises in thermology

Richard Parker and Neil Kidd of Altitude Angel tell me why MATZ are not included in their UK based airspace and flight enabling system. Also their vision for the future. Very interesting!

Bruce Simpson rounds up the chat with Mavic Clones.

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