Consortiq Flies onto the Battlefront with Transformers 5

As one of the most highly-anticipated films of the year, Transformers 5 is set to capture the imagination of moviegoers all over the world. But one company that is celebrating the release for a different reason is drone expert, Consortiq. As one of the most...

Firefighting and prevention with drones

Every year, the outrageous results that are produced by uncontrolled fires become evident. For this reason, aviation and safety authorities from the different European Member States and the whole world are investing a lot of resources on firefighting and prevention. Nowadays, Spain already has...

AkitaBox Taps PrecisionHawk Drone Platform to Automate and Optimize External Facility Inspections

AkitaBox, a Madison-based facility management software company that automates maintenance, planning and inspections, will be working with PrecisionHawk, a provider of advanced commercial drone technologies, to integrate aerial data into the facility management workflow. The partnership was announced today at the Building Owners and...

UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch find drones useful

In its recently released Annual Safety Review for 2016, the United Kingdom's Air Accidents Investigation Branch, have found that using drones at aviation accident sites is "very useful" to its aviation accident investigations. "The AAIB has found drones to be a very useful new tool...

2017 AUVSI sUAS Competition Results – ArduPilot dominates

Well done to the Ardupilot team, fifteen out of the top twenty finalists in the AUVSI Student UAS competition, were running Ardupilot. Positions one to six taken by the OpenSource autopilot. Only one commercial autopilot, the Piccolo made it into the top 20 at number 8....

Drone User Group Network proposed changes to FAA Reauthorization Bills

A community-based organization (“CBO”) that represents close to 25,000 drone users, the Drone User Group Network (“DUGN”) proposed changes to both the House and Senate versions of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reauthorization bills that will help spur innovation, preserve the privacy of the...

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