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Expanse, Oil and Gas Industry Inspection software from Sky-Futures

I had a very interesting run through of Expanse, industrial inspection software for the drone age. Sky-Futures head of product Colin Hickey spoke very slowly to me so that I could understand. Colin has over 13 years of product experience in the Oil and Gas...

SimActive Used for Coastal Erosion Assessment with UAVs

SimActive Inc., a world-leading developer of photogrammetry software, is pleased to announce that Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) has chosen Correlator3D™ for its unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) research. “We assessed photogrammetry solutions to assist our study of river shore line erosion, mangrove habitats and...
Facebook Aquila NTSB

Facebook Aquila accident report NTSB full narrative

Released into the wild, what the NTSB believed happened. An in-flight breakup due to the platform being operated outside of weather limits. It was a test flight so incidents and accidents are to be expected really and of course the beauty of unmanned systems is...
stadium drones

AT&T Stadium Drones have not gone viral

If you need an indicator that peak drone has happened why not cast your eyes towards an AT&T press release. The accompanying video, as I type, has only 723 views, four days after release. That with a subscriber base of 143,000 and some change. The...

How a Sensor Gimbal Improves Efficiency of an Aerial Mapping Mission

Demands on fixed wing drones are growing continually. Other than copter drones, fixed wing platforms are generally used to cover large areas (hundreds of hectares) in a short amount of time. Standards on flight endurance and efficient area coverage are growing throughout different industries...

Coptrz UK Job openings

Coptrz have two positions open in the North of the UK. Are you passionate about drones? Can you persuade businesses that it’s the next big essential item for their company strategy? For this role, you will be able to convince customers on the potential drones have...

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