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Drone Stuff This Week 28th Feb 2017, powerlines, maps and DJI


A busy drone stuff this week (DSTW) that over ran and I blame Bruce from RC Model Reviews. We talk, regulations (as ever), power-lines, detailed maps touch on the new Matrice and quadcopter patents. This is how it played out.

Bruce Simpson fought with and won in a war over words with the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand. Bruce challenged advice given by CAA NZ, the law says one thing they say another. Jonathan Rupprecht of Rupprecht law also speaks to this topic.


Staying in New Zealand their national power provider, Transpower is conducting BVLOS trials with a Schiebel Camcopter S-100.


Richard Lusk from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has co-authored with William Monday an early survey of best practices for the use of sUAS by the electric utility industry. The report contains checklists, safety points and how to undertake various tasks. It is free and an absolute must if you are already inspection power lines or think it might be part of your startup drone companies portfolio.


Get the report here https://info.ornl.gov/sites/publications/Files/Pub73072.pdf

Just how many BVLOS waivers have been granted Jonathan?


Hivemapper aims to bring a more accurate map to the drone world, one that helps plan low-level missions that avoid things. Ex-Yahoo maps man, Ariel Seidman describes the video based system in detail. If you are in the Bay area you can contribute and create your own 3D content for free and take advantage of enhanced terrain, building and tree avoidance. This service is rolling out across America first and then to the rest of us.


Find out more about Hivemapper here. https://hivemapper.com/

Meteomatics drone safety system, the shaped arm spinning quadcopter save.


The Taylor and other drone prosecution cases


Bruces simple drone rules, they are the best rules, the greatest rules believe me.


This is where Bruce derails the timing, DJI Flight restrictions, who takes responsibility for no-fly zones. IP addresses for drones and why I want delivery drones to buzz off.

A great chat this evening, please email me [email protected] any guest ideas or questions you might have. Join us, every Tuesday at 21:00 GMT. On the sUAS News YouTube channel.

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