Drone Stuff This Week March 7th 2017 DSTW #30

Drone Stuff This Week March 7th 2017 DSTW #30

A full DSTW that passed quickly. I will describe what happened here; there are links to events in the timeline in the comments section of the video.

Zack Clark, Drone America, and their long distance drone delivery flight and cloud seeding by drone.  Drone America set a new long-distance record for aerial package delivery flying a fixed-wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) under beyond line of sight conditions.  The flight took place at Walker Lake with the Nevada-headquartered Drone America flight team flying more than 39 miles to deliver a package to the Hawthorne Industrial Airport in the City of Hawthorne, Nevada, the same town where the Country’s first urban drone delivery performed in Spring of 2016.

Ardupilot, Google and VTOL

Dr Andrew Tridgell talks about Ardupilot and the Summer of Code with Google. The Ardupilot team are still looking for students with exciting projects to undertake. Spend your summer break writing code and learning about open source development while earning money! Google get to see your CV as well, what’s not to like.

Duran De Villiers AltiUAS Alti Transition and a story of IP. His companies Alti Transition has popped up in a similar form created by former contractors. Bruce Simpson from RCModelReviews reveals his tailsitter VTOL plans, it will be hand flown to start with and sounds complicated. Tridge admits he has fallen for tail sitters as well.

Bruce speaks about onboard generators, and Duran and Zack admit to dabbling. An absorbing part of the chat.

Is it all getting hard?

Near hits and no-fly zones also weather should Part 107 teach it and what should Part 107 rather teach? The Taylor case comes to a head next week.

Much discussed this week. I am very grateful to Loretta Alkalay of Vaughn College, Bruce Simpson RCModelReviews, Zack Clark Drone America. Duran De Villiers AltiUAS and last but not least Dr Andrew Tridgell of the Ardupilot project for taking the time to join us.

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