eBee SQ, Sequoia flying wing.

Parrot has made a new eBee to carry the Sequoia. At $10990 USD quite an investment.

It is made for farmers and announced right after Part 107 which makes it more straightforward to operate commercially.

It uses the same pitot/light stalk as the Disco. Perhaps CHUCK is inside as well.

The eBee SQ is an advanced agricultural system that takes professionals such as crop consultants, growers and researchers from drone to action, simply and efficiently. It builds on the success of senseFly’s popular eBee platform, which has recorded over 300,000 successful customer flights to date over seven continents.

The arrival of the eBee SQ provides Parrot’s Sequoia camera—the smallest, most advanced multispectral sensor on the market—with its very own drone. The eBee SQ combines the benefits of precise crop imaging with large ground coverage and is fully compatible with existing agricultural workflows.

“The eBee SQ allows agricultural professionals to collect highly precise data on the health of their crops, efficiently and cost-effectively,” said senseFly’s CEO, Jean-Christophe Zufferey. “It represents a platform proven upgrade for those who may have been trialling drone technology—for example by flying quadcopters over their crops—including those who already own a Parrot Sequoia. By upgrading to the eBee SQ, these operators gain a professional-grade, easy-to-use system that can cover many more acres in a single flight.”

The eBee SQ can fly for up to 55 minutes on a single battery charge. This performance enables it to cover up to 500 acres (200 ha) in a single flight at 400 ft (120 m) above ground level—up to 10 times more ground than small quadcopter drones—for extremely efficient crop monitoring and analysis. 

Now there is no doubt wings fly longer than multi rotors. We were all flying them before senseFly existed!

The real selling point is the joined up workflow and off the shelf nature of the product. If you want the sensing capabilities of the Sequoia but don’t have deep pockets. The Disco with a Sequoia in the back might make more sense.

One thing is for certain, Parrot is king of the wing at the moment.

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