Back from the grave, Erida is now the Yi Erida

A former crowd-funder has come back. This time with folding arms. I will say I have a soft spot for tri copters. They have a more floaty feel than and are easier to orientate. All in all a much nicer flying experience. They are also saving power by having one less motor.

Their weakness though is the tail servo. I wonder how many consumers will force or bind it in a crash and make it burn out.

I also worry a little about those folding arms, are they secure enough in flight and just how many fold, unfold cycles can they take.

These days it is not so much how fast or long a platform can fly but what mapping apps support it. The GoPro style camera is Ok for selfies but you’d be wanting a rectilinear GPS geo-tagging job to make the most out of the claimed 40 minutes flight time.

Hiding inside running on the autopilot, Ardupilot. This means flight planning through the normal GCS should be possible.

Change the camera, handle with care and it looks like an interesting package.

YI Technology, the leading, international provider of advanced, intelligent imaging technologies, products, services and platforms, today announced the forthcoming release of YI Erida, the world’s first mainstream, full carbon smart drone equipped with the YI 4K Action Camera. YI’s professional-grade drone is exceptionally fast and agile, reaching speeds of 75 miles per hour in initial tests, and features proven imaging and vision technology in an aerodynamic, three-rotor design.

“With the launch of YI Erida we are solving three of the biggest barriers to widespread drone adoption: overly complex products, lack of consumer accessibility and short flight time,” said Sean Da, Co-Founder & CEO of YI Technology. “Like all YI products, YI Erida features the most advanced technology in a simple and intuitive operating system at a competitive price point. Our drone is the culmination of decades of expertise and experience in imaging and aeronautics with a focus on producing a drone that addresses the shortcomings of current market leaders, to exceed the industry standard.”

Fly Faster & Longer

Because of its highly durable and lightweight, 100 percent carbon fiber frame and its unique three-rotor design, YI Erida is exceptionally fast and agile, reaching speeds of up to 75 miles per hour and flying for up to 40 minutes in initial tests. The YI Erida features patented, folding rotors offering a compact design that makes it versatile, portable and easy to carry, whether in the backyard or around the world.

Control Tighter & Smarter

YI Erida features intelligent, modern software and sensors, to make maneuvering smarter, simpler and safer. The corresponding YI Erida mobile app draws on YI’s proven track record in simple, user-friendly mobile solutions, making a remote obsolete. From the app on any mobile device, users can set the flight mode, choose the height and shooting angle, control takeoff and landing, and check battery status, distance and flight time. For maximum safety, YI Erida boasts an advanced sensor and radar system with a built-in laser scanner to examine its surroundings, and automatically increase flying height if the ground begins to elevate.

Shoot Sharper & Smoother

YI Erida features the YI 4K Action Camera, the only action camera on the market today that combines 4K video recording at 30 fps, with up to 120 minutes of recording time and an integrated, high-resolution touchscreen. It also offers manual IQ parameters for advanced photographers including shutter, exposure value compensation, level sensitivity, metering mode and white balance. For the smoothest shooting possible, YI Erida offers an advanced gimbal system, which is essential for producing professional-quality footage. YI Erida’s gimbal works seamlessly with the drone, camera and mobile app.

To bring the YI Erida to market, YI is working with Atlas, a team of aerospace engineers and software developers who first caught the attention of market leaders through an Indiegogo campaign in 2015. The two companies bring together civilian- and military-grade aeronautics materials and research with world-class imaging technology in the newest, industry-leading drone.

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