Parrot Disco to fly off shelves in September

September will see the launch of the Disco flying wing for $1299. It is an FPV experience chuckwhere C.H.U.C.K (Control Hub & Universal Computer Kit) looks after you. Chuck is the autopilot and camera combined into one unit at the centre of the wing.

On shake to wake the user chucks (see what I did there) the wing and it climbs and orbits whilst the driver don’s his or her FPV gear.

Yet another copy of Rob Swynnerton’s Eco FPV goggles connects to the redesigned Skycontroller. Wirelessly through your smartphone mounted inside. You can also connect a traditional RC controller if you prefer.

Interesting that the wing has detailing that suggests it has a similar root to its more expensive commercial older brother, the eBee. Inspection of press images show the root to be straight and not the clever curve.

Let’s not forget Parrot bought the first truly successful consumer multirotor to market with the ARDrone. Yes, there were others but the ARDrone was the first one to appear in high streets.

My money is that PIX4D, another Parrot company will include the Disco in its mapping options. Images from the disco should be geotagged as it employs GPS/GNSS. Its a 14-megapixel full HD frontal camera with 32GB of onboard storage. That should be good enough. I’m not sure if you can upgrade it.

The first low (ish) cost mass market commercial flying wing.

It will be able to leapfrog DJI multirotor offerings because of its speed and endurance. Just how good that camera really is will be the thing.

Just how good that camera really is will be the thing. I know that Tridge has been test flying Ardupilot code in one, so all sorts of Nav options must be possible.

One of these and a P3P and a Part 107 startup should be able to do most things.

I wonder what the big picture plan for Disco is. Will it introduce people to the Parrot / PIX4D ecosystem?

DJI are playing catch up to an extent with this, making friends fast with  people like Propeller Aero.  Post production is a big part of the jigsaw.