AP Manager: Dual autopilots

AP Manager: Dual autopilots


GIZMOtec GmbH, a dynamic acting, and young entrepreneurs company announced today the debut of their new, reliable, flexible and future-orientated electronic-board, the AP-Manager.

Designed for the maximum on safety and therefore redundancy the AP-Manager is the intelligent bridge between two independent running autopilot-systems in a RC-model or drone. Because of its flexible design also an ideal attendant for test flights

A must have for the serious commercial or semi-professional RC pilot.

Single point of failure and redundancy became the keywords for permissions and certifications from authorities and insurances.

The requirements for the operation of unmanned aircrafts have changed fundamentally in the past years in Europe and worldwide. The regulations will get even more strictly in the future. Depending on the application, the weight, the purpose, the situation, the flight area, spectators and some more reasons, SAFETY is becoming increasingly important.

Among other parts inside a system, redundancy of the autopilot system is meanwhile mandatory to follow the rules. Especially multicopters are very instable in their flight characteristics when it comes to malfunction of the stabilization system.

GIZMOtec GmbH was founded two month ago and is the sister company as the marketing and sales channel for the engineering and development mother company Aerodyne Systems GmbH (www.aerodynesystems.eu) in St. Valentin, Austria.