HeliDirect Increases Focus on Prosumer Multi-Rotor UAV Market Solutions

HeliDirect Increases Focus on Prosumer Multi-Rotor UAV Market Solutions


HeliDirect, a premier hobby-class e-retailer focused on high performance RC helicopters, parts, and accessories is expanding its product offerings and support services for the rapidly growing prosumer multi-rotor UAV market, including products from DJI, Aerial Freaks, Tarot and XPS.

“Scores of hobby helicopter pilots, along with commercial pilots are contacting us and walking into our retail store trying to learn how the multi-rotor helicopters they are reading about in the media are being used in small businesses” said Sam Le, President of Malden, MA based HeliDirect. “Our customer and technical support teams, many already hobby pilots, can advise new entrepreneurs with cost-effective and reliable solutions, whatever their budget.”

HeliDirect already sells and supports higher-end multi-rotor UAV products that can be used in commercial applications. Over the coming months the company will work closer with several UAV product vendors to increase pre-sales and post-sales customer and technical support that will be needed to turn a hobby into a business.

HeliDirect, a premier sponsor of IRCHA (International Radio Controlled Helicopter Association) that will hold its annual 2014 Jamboree on August 6 through 10 in Muncie, Indiana, will introduce Top Flight Technologies (http://www.tflighttech.com), Airborg M4 800, a new commercial-class cost-effective UAV with extended flight times, increased payloads, and plug-and-play platform to address many specific application uses. Airborg was specifically designed to remove the high-cost entry point for commercial UAVs. Top Flight joins HeliDirect’s ranks of high-end brands including SAB and Pulse.

“There are numerous applications that a hobby-class RC trained pilot can address as a small business, whether aerial photography, scanning, remote sensing or object tracking” said Darrell Bell, HeliDirect’s Director of Sales. “These pilots are already technology savvy, they can readily fast-adapt to any new rules that might be issued by the FAA in the use of UAVs, and they are advocates of safe operations and privacy protection.”

HeliDirect is committed to representing hobby-class, and now commercial-class, products, parts and accessories, for both the helicopter and multi-rotor model and prosumer market.

About HeliDirect

HeliDirect is the premier e-retailer for hobby-class and prosumer RC products, parts and accessories, including SAB, Pulse, and HeliDesign to name several. The company has developed a loyal customer following of repeat customers based on its commitment to sales and product support, along with great prices and product availability. Many of our management team and staff members are RC helicopter and multi-rotor pilots and have a passion to provide the best product offerings and support in the industry. For more information visit http://www.helidirect.com.