Skyfront Launches Next-Generation Drone Magnetometer

Skyfront Launches Next-Generation Drone Magnetometer

Skyfront, the world’s leader in high endurance hybrid drones, today announced that Skyfront MagniPhy, its next-generation drone magnetometer solution, is available to the market.

The Skyfront MagniPhy is a new enclosure and universal attachment mechanism for drones, which improves data quality, efficiency, and safety. It works with third party magnetometer sensors and a wide variety of drones (including DJI, ArduPilot, and PX4-based drones). Skyfront has advanced this next-generation solution by working with Geometrics, which makes the best-selling MagArrow II UAS-enabled magnetometer.

The Skyfront MagniPhy is now available to existing users of the MagArrow and operators of other drone magnetometers, who can provide Skyfront with their existing magnetometers to be retrofitted with a fast turnaround time. Alternatively, Skyfront can deliver a kit to the operator for seamless self-service retrofitting. Skyfront MagniPhy is also available to new customers interested in finding subterranean objects.

Skyfront MagniPhy delivers significantly improved data quality and enhanced ability to find subterranean objects because its rigid attachment ensures the magnetometer heading remains constant during flight, and its distance from the drone reduces magnetic noise. Its aerodynamic design improves operations in high winds, reducing instrument motion and the resulting noise. It enables faster and more efficient operations because it is easily transportable (it folds from 16.4 feet to 1.4 feet to fit in carry-on luggage), connects to the drone in seconds, and has approximately 8 hours battery life with swappable batteries. It also enables safer operations by reducing the potential to snag trees when flying low to the canopy. The attachment mechanism unfolds when the drone takes off and folds when the drone lands to ensure simple operations.

For surveying large areas with a magnetometer, endurance is crucial. Skyfront also manufactures the highest endurance hybrid gas-electric multicopter drones in the world, with proven flight times over 5 hours, and Skyfront’s system is deployed by customers in over 30 countries on all continents except Antarctica. Skyfront’s customers are rapidly finding abandoned oil and gas wellheads in the United States and detecting landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXO) in Ukraine.

Magnetometer operators and geophysicists no longer need to rely on helicopters (which are less safe and produce an inferior product for a greater cost) or traditional battery powered drones (which only fly for about 30 minutes and create inefficiencies). Skyfront’s solution revolutionizes magnetic surveying capabilities and reduces field time from weeks to days.

“Geometrics has been empowering geoscientists everywhere to explore and quantify the world since 1969, and we are excited by the market opportunity unlocked through our collaboration with Skyfront,” said Dr. Mark Prouty, President of Geometrics.

“Juniper Unmanned helps enterprises unleash the power of remote sensing and analytics, and we are excited to use Skyfront’s next-generation drone magnetometer and our geophysical interpretation techniques to produce accurate maps of buried infrastructure,” said Jeff Cozart, Founder CEO of Juniper Unmanned.

“We are excited to advance the $30B+ defense and geophysical services markets with Skyfront MagniPhy, our next-generation drone magnetometer, which has been integrated into Skyfront’s Perimeter line of drones, the highest endurance hybrid multicopter drones in the world,” said Troy Mestler, CEO of Skyfront.

Skyfront MagniPhy is now available for conducting magnetic surveys, resource exploration, identifying orphan wells, detecting landmines and finding unexploded ordnance (UXO).

About Skyfront:

Skyfront manufactures the highest endurance hybrid-electric multirotor drones in the world, with proven flight times over 5 hours. Customers use the Perimeter 8 for missions worldwide including beyond-visual-line-of-sight operations because of Skyfront’s extremely long flight times, communications range, safety, rapid deployment, and ease of use. For more information, please visit

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