Foamaroo sUAS platform.


The Foamaroo is an ideal UAV trainer/FPV platform based on the Jackaroo UAV from AttoPilot International and made under license by Hangar 18.

Construction is of a hybrid EPP/fiberglass construction method pioneered by Hangar 18. Test have shown that the hybrid construcion of the fuselage combined with EPP wings is a very light weight yet rugged combination.

With a wingspan of 60″ and an all up weight of the Foamaroo of 2 lb 11 oz, the aircraft is very light on the sticks and easy to fly.

The Foamaroo’s fuselage is completely empty with the exception of the wing spars that pass through the fuselage under the overwing hatch. Transportation is very simple since the wings come apar in half to make for a very small package.