Hyperion Hybrid Flies

Hyperion Hybrid sUAS

Warts and all video from this international team, well done to them.

The Hyperion aircraft serves as a test-bed for research and development in the following focus areas: aerodynamics, structures and materials, weights and mass properties, handling and control, flight mechanics, and efficiency improvements on performance.  Specifically the research effort is investigating numerous technologies aimed at reducing emissions and augmenting operational capabilities of air vehicles. Research findings benefit next generation “green” passenger and transport aircraft as well as smaller UAS.

The geometric shape of the flying wing aircraft provides aerodynamic advantages compared to traditional tube and wing configuration which reduces the amount of power required for flight.

The hybrid power plant for the Hyperion aircraft was also designed at the University of Colorado.  This parallel gas-electric engine was originally developed by a previous design team at CU and is now licensed by TIGON EnerTec, Inc.