Delivering drone inspections to the insurance industry

Delivering drone inspections to the insurance industry

Understanding the full extent of damage to infrastructure after incident like a storm or fire is a hugely important — and valuable — service.

So how would you go about it?

You could send some people in (once all the hazards are removed) to manually document the damage, renting equipment like cherry pickers and scissor lifts, and then collating all that data to build a full picture.

Or you could get some smart, flying robots to do it for you.

Aerial by Drone made the smart choice — using drones to provide aerial inspection services to the building and insurance industry.

And they’ve gotten very good at it. They regularly deliver huge amounts of drone data to their clients — comprehensive inspection sets with important visual details.

But getting this data to their clients wasn’t as efficient as the rest of their operations — often, they relied on on USB sticks and external hard drives, using couriers or mail services .

It was time for a change.

Cloud-based processing and delivery was the natural next step for Aerial by Drone. They started looking for a solution that could meet all their needs:

The fastest possible turnaround with specific outputs

Large insurance events — such as storms — require a rapid response from Aerial by Drone. They dispatch their pilots with minimal notice, and they need the captured imagery to be available for analysis as soon as possible.

Aerial by Drone wanted a tool that could not only process inspections quickly online, but could produce them according to their specific outputs and formats.

High-quality visualizations with client and user access

With a growing client base across the building and insurance industries, Aerial by Drone understood that ease of use would make their clients more likely to engage with the data.

And with a comprehensive network of over 40 qualified pilots located throughout Australia, Aerial by Drone needed a system that unlimited users could upload to and access.

A new way of working — with Propeller

Aerial by Drone chose Propeller to start delivering inspections to their clients online

Water tank inspection delivered via Propeller platform

They set up a simple and reliable workflow that means their clients get easy-to-understand inspection sets quickly after an insurance event or risk assessment:

  1. Aerial by Drone deploys pilots from its extensive network for inspection capture
  2. The pilot uploads their data securely through the cloud to Propeller for processing
  3. Propeller produces outputs and formats according to specification within 8 hours
  4. Clients can view and analyze their inspections through Aerial by Drone’s online portal
Annotation tool helps you mark areas for further assessment and repairing

This straightforward workflow helps Aerial by Drone increase its efficiency and ultimately competitiveness — in a time-sensitive industry. Four months after signing up with Propeller, Aerial by Drone had this to say:

“We love working with Propeller, who continue to build a fantastic product and provide a world-class service. The challenge of helping our clients understand the immense opportunity drone technology affords is complicated, but Propeller simplifies this process and helps us bring our clients along on what is ultimately a transformational time for their industries as they begin to embrace the possibilities.”

An inspection tool that delivers on drone potential

Drones provide a safer and more efficient alternative to manned asset inspections, with rapid uptake in insurance and other industries.

Propeller’s inspection tool is the industry-leading choice for delivering this data, allowing users to:

  • Inspect in 3D, zooming in with high resolution on areas of interest
  • Make annotations and export them alongside reference images as a PDF report
  • Easily switch to view full resolution stills
A part of PDF report generated from water tank inspection set

Used alongside Propeller’s cloud software for processing and hosting drone flight images, it’s the natural solution for delivering quality inspections quickly and easily.

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