Flying Saucers are coming, the unmanned kind.


An autonomous flying saucer for all, get ready for an increase in UFO sightings.

Aerobat Aviation Inc and Attopilot International have teamed up to add an autopilot to the innovate circular flying wing design. The circular winged craft promises flight performance increases across a wide speed range.

The design has previously been of interest to the US Navy as Jack Jones from Geobat explains

On April 26 1998, three Naval Research Laboratory engineers arrived at my home to verify the Geobat concept. (The Naval Research Laboratory is located in Washington D.C. and is a branch of the Department of Defense. They develop new ideas and technologies for military applications.).

After a short demonstration of the fueled and electric R.C. models, I then began a four hour conversation that verified every thing I had conceived relative to saucer shaped flight. It was obvious from this conversation that the NRL had experimented with saucer designs and had experienced the same problems that I had observed when I first started experimenting with circular wings.

The NRL representatives where initially interested in testing the Geobat concept for micro-air vehicle and R.C. reconnaissance configurations. They were also very interested in the stealth aspects of Geobat and Skyblade. After they reviewed my concepts and I explained the theory behind them, the conversation turned to the possibilities of full scale commercial and tactical military aircraft. It was their belief that Geobat represents the first genuinely new aircraft design to be invented in the last 40 years of aviation history.