Ken Heron reports RID start date pushed back

Ken Heron reports RID start date pushed back

I have seen folks saying this all week and Ken is pinning the tail on the donkey of its pushed back.

I have not seen official confirmation of this, the FAA is really good at publishing bad news for themselves late on a Friday, so I will keep hitting refresh on their news feed. Or go to the pub.

Perhaps the FAA might pull itself towards itself and finally accept that RID does nothing for aviation safety and will not open up BVLOS, it has been end to end nonsense promoted by manufacturers.

Those that have been sUAS News readers for a while might remember a counter that we had counting down to an FAA NPRM and how it counted up after they missed the deadline.

Some weird sounding Welsh bloke on the stream. Also, a little bird tells me FliteTest has their FRIA now. A bird called Josh.

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Gary Mortimer

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