Zeitview expands rooftop inspection capacity with AI-Enabled software platform and Aerial Thermal Analysis

Zeitview expands rooftop inspection capacity with AI-Enabled software platform and Aerial Thermal Analysis
  • The exclusive AI-enabled software pinpoints specific anomalies, filters information quickly, and eliminates uncertainty for commercial and residential properties.
  • The new capabilities include thermal moisture detection and AI/ML hail damage assessment through high-resolution imagery and automated reports.
  • Zeitview customers can gain insight into roof status by leveraging a global pilot network for automated flight applications or using the same app to capture the data themselves.

Roofing can be a substantial investment for properties of all sizes. With routine monitoring and maintenance, the lifetime of a roof can be extended while enhancing safety and ultimately saving money. Zeitview, a leading provider of advanced inspection software and services, today announced the expansion of its AI-enabled Property Insights Platform to assess rooftop conditions efficiently and safely. The company’s new offerings include thermal capabilities for commercial properties and AI/ML damage assessment capabilities for commercial, residential and multi-family properties. Supported by high-resolution aerial imagery of the roof secured from drone flights, the user-friendly Property Insights Platform assesses rooftop conditions, identifies anomalies such as debris, hail damage, rust, and more, and recommends optimized maintenance schedules.

Manual inspection methods are time-consuming, potentially hazardous, and often result in missed anomalies. Zeitview’s solution eliminates these challenges by providing fully transparent damage assessments in minutes. Using drones for rooftop and facade thermal inspection and analysis allows customers to proactively find moisture under a roof membrane and potential areas of energy loss around the facade, enabling them to act before it spreads or results in total replacement. The AI/ML technology is used to identify the most common and costly rooftop anomalies (e.g., hail damage, water ponding, deteriorated membrane) that could require attention or remediation. The AI vision highlights areas not characteristic of the roof itself, objectively covering every square inch and cataloging potential damage.

“We cannot overstate the time saved by utilizing drones for rooftop inspection purposes,” said Dan Burton, founder and chief executive officer at Zeitview. “Through our comprehensive analysis, our customers can make faster decisions about each property’s real-time condition while increasing efficiency and maximizing deliverables. Our client partnerships have grown to include pre- and post-construction images, thermal analysis, and conditional analysis on properties across the country because the software platform offers robust reporting and a one-stop-shop for drone services used by the industry.”

Zeitview customers benefit from the combined understanding of the AI-enabled software paired with an in-house team of roof experts that collectively analyze the imagery, determine the severity of the damage and create specialized condition reports. Within the condition report, each type of anomaly is overlaid on a 2-D orthomosaic map that fabricates a reproduction of the roof with enough accuracy to identify even the most minor signs of damage. The platform offers customizable thermal and measurement reports to drill down to the exact location of each rooftop variation. Further thermal analysis takes place within the platform with qualitative temperature data and visualization to triage sub-membrane roof anomalies. Customers can also use the imagery captured to create their own reports using the Property Insights Platform.

“Advanced inspection is quickly becoming more accessible through the use of drones and other smart technologies, leading to increased adoption by roofing contractors, manufacturers, commercial real estate, property managers and insurance adjusters,” said Jose Giraldo, general manager of property at Zeitview. “Given the highly reliable data provided by aerial imagery, we are excited to launch this expansion of our Property Insights Platform to provide our customers tools that standardize information while speeding up workflow and lowering costs. We want to enable our customers to get a first line of defense on their entire property portfolio in one place so that they can filter information quickly and get to what is most important about the condition of their property.”

Zeitview harnesses its novel advanced analytics to improve the precision and safety of rooftop inspections while saving time and money for the customer. The Property Insights Platform is a dynamic, easy-to-use resource that efficiently creates customizable reports with actionable data. Reporting functions are downloadable and shareable, so they can be used by insurance companies, roofing contractors, and property managers to estimate repair costs and prioritize projects.

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