CUAS DJI Multirotor

DIY DJI Aeroscope to find drone operator locations

Something for the weekend sir? Do you have an SDR receiver? Well, now you can build your own open-source Occusync sort of. Thanks to the work of a group of researchers from Ruhr University Bochum and the CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security

Just head off to Github to find the code, something I will be doing as a Friday night project to sniff out drone operations near my home, #VertiportAfricas own CUAS system!

Kevin Finisterre @d0tslash what seems many lifetimes ago first revealed that DJI’s own RID system was unencrypted and these researchers have taken it a little further. To be clear we are not talking about RID, the researchers are decoding the drone and operator positions that DJI was already sending,

This project is a receiver for DJI’s Drone-ID protocol. The receiver works either live with an SDR, or offline on pre-recorded captures.

Our paper from NDSS’23 explains the protocol and receiver design: Drone Security and the Mysterious Case of DJI’s DroneID [pdf]

If you’re looking for the fuzzer, we will upload that shortly :)

The live receiver was tested with:

  • Ettus USRP B205-mini
  • DJI mini 2, DJI Mavic Air 2

Our software is a proof-of-concept receiver that we used to reverse-engineer an unknown protocol. Hence, it is not optimized for bad RF conditions, performance, or range.

Well done all, super impressed

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5th March 2023 – Looks like you will have to build your own now, DJI just stopped selling Aeroscope

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