DIY DJI Aeroscope to find drone operator locations

DIY DJI Aeroscope to find drone operator locations

Something for the weekend sir? Do you have an SDR receiver? Well, now you can build your own open-source Occusync sort of. Thanks to the work of a group of researchers from Ruhr University Bochum and the CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security

Just head off to Github to find the code, something I will be doing as a Friday night project to sniff out drone operations near my home, #VertiportAfricas own CUAS system!

Kevin Finisterre @d0tslash what seems many lifetimes ago first revealed that DJI’s own RID system was unencrypted and these researchers have taken it a little further. To be clear we are not talking about RID, the researchers are decoding the drone and operator positions that DJI was already sending,

This project is a receiver for DJI’s Drone-ID protocol. The receiver works either live with an SDR, or offline on pre-recorded captures.

Our paper from NDSS’23 explains the protocol and receiver design: Drone Security and the Mysterious Case of DJI’s DroneID [pdf]

If you’re looking for the fuzzer, we will upload that shortly :)

The live receiver was tested with:

  • Ettus USRP B205-mini
  • DJI mini 2, DJI Mavic Air 2

Our software is a proof-of-concept receiver that we used to reverse-engineer an unknown protocol. Hence, it is not optimized for bad RF conditions, performance, or range.

Well done all, super impressed

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5th March 2023 – Looks like you will have to build your own now, DJI just stopped selling Aeroscope

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