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US Drone Maker Applied Aeronautics announces NDAA compliant Albatross UAV is now available 

Applied Aeronautics, a leading U.S manufacturer of affordable long-range drones, today announced its flagship Albatross UAV is now available in an NDAA-compliant variant. Applied Aeronautics has released this latest upgrade for their popular Albatross platform in response to a growing demand for robust, low-cost solutions from the defence community. 

Albatross-US will see all critical onboard avionics, including autopilot, GPS, C2 equipment, and payloads replaced with NDAA compliant technology. Applied Aeronautics CEO Ryan Johnston remarked, “we’ve been building out compliant platforms in recent years on an as-needed basis, but a recent surge in demand from the military space has made it necessary to standardize this offering to ensure we can respond rapidly to the needs of our military customers with solutions that check all boxes both in terms of capability, and compliance.”

By combining high performance with unparalleled low cost, The Albatross UAV is rapidly becoming a platform of choice for a wide range of military applications, including training, simulated warfare, surveillance, asset inspection, and research and development. In 2021, Applied Aeronautics was awarded multiple contracts from the United States Navy and several other branches of the United States Government. The company looks to expand its footprint with this and other soon-to-be-released defence-centric offerings in the coming months. 

Albatross-US was explicitly designed to meet the needs of the warfighter and features the following specifications: 

  • 256 bit AES encrypted long-range C2 link
  • Up to 4 hours of flight time
  • Fully autonomous takeoff and landing 
  • Optional high definition EO/IR camera with AI tracking capabilities 
  • Target painting with MGRS target location
  • Modular and redundant communication links 
  • One-man operable 

About Applied Aeronautics 

Applied Aeronautics is a US-based UAV manufacturer, specializing in the design and manufacturing of affordable, long-range composite drones. Applied Aeronautics’ flagship product, The Albatross, is an electric fixed wing UAV designed for use in most industries, ranging from agriculture and research to disaster management and defense. This entirely customizable solution was engineered for accessibility, to meet the growing demand for a professional UAV that married robust capabilities with an affordable price point.

For more information, please visit http://www.AppliedAeronautics.com

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