FREE Digital Edition of the Drone Surveying Equipment and Technology Journal: Field-Tested Proven

FREE Digital Edition of the Drone Surveying Equipment and Technology Journal: Field-Tested Proven

Rome, NY –Microdrones is pleased to announce the publication of the 2021 Field-Tested Field Proven Journal and the digital edition is now available to download for FREE.

This is the 3rd edition of our Annual Drone Surveying Equipment and Technology Journal where surveying and geospatial professionals can read about drone surveying case studies and user applications. The Journal also explores new drone surveying equipment from Microdrones along with their features and capabilities.
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As part of the free download, users can read about the success of the Microdrones as a Service program, a customizable sales model that offers affordable drone surveying equipment and data processing plans.

Readers will also be able to gain insight into the new partnership between Microdrones and GE. There will also be a deep-dive into two of the newest drone surveying solutions from Microdrones, the mdLiDAR1000LR and the mdLiDAR1000HR.

Bret Burghdurf, Director of Marketing at Microdrones anticipates the Journal will be well received by the geospatial community. “Field-Tested, Field Proven showcases many of the unique benefits of using drone surveying equipment from Microdrones. The articles provide an in-depth look at our flexible mdaaS pricing model, mdInfinity data processing software, and case studies that prove our equipment is producing incredible results for our customers,” Burghdurf said. “I’m excited to share the details inside the pages of this 3rd edition of Field-Tested Field Proven, our annual drone surveying equipment, software, and technology journal.”

Download now for free, Field-Tested Field Proven, the essential drone surveying and technology journal with informative articles, tech in action, and expert insight into how geospatial professionals are taking advantage of drone surveying equipment from Microdrones.

About Microdrones

Microdrones is a German aerial mapping technology company that delivers industrial-grade survey equipment with a fully-integrated geospatial workflow that transforms data collected in the field into valuable high-quality survey-grade data. This transformation of collected data into actionable deliverables and their visualization is made possible thru the mdInfinity data processing platform.

To learn more about Microdrones and mdInfinity, visit and

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