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Circumferential Flux Motor being developed in Southampton

Robotics start-up, Motion-Robotics Ltd announce the successful development of a Circumferential Flux Motor specifically aimed at electric flight applications

Southampton, Hampshire Motion-Robotics Ltd

Motion-Robotics Ltd is all about pushing the limits of what is possible. That’s why the team has been hard at work continuing to develop the patented Circumferential Flux Motor (CFM). An architecture that boasts a significant efficiency improvement with no need for active cooling systems. The CFM offers increased torque and efficiency giving UK partners in the electric future flight industry a leap forward in fundamental technology. Through continued testing and development results indicate a 20% efficiency improvement over current radial/axial motors without any increase in mass.

Quote from our CEO Dr Dennis Majoe

“The increase in efficiency comes as a result of there being no iron core combined with extremely low coil winding resistance.”

“A 20% increase in motor efficiency will boost the range of future electric flight by a similar margin.”

“Several electric flight motors at 40KWatts and higher need liquid cooling systems that adds weight and cost. The CFM operates at such high efficiencies that air cooling is normally all you need.”

“We aim to manufacture the motors in Southampton, contributing to the local economy and improving UK resilience to unstable or insecure supply chains.”

Future flight Challenge?

With phase 3 of the UKRI (@UKRI_News) & KTN (@KTNUK)  Future Flight Challenge set to launch in Q3 2021. Motion-Robotics Ltd are currently looking for partners to help collaborate in the latest phase in the competition.

About Motion-Robotics Ltd

Motion Robotics is first and foremost a robotics company that specialises in automation and motor technology which fits perfectly with Aerial and Ground Drones. We operate in three areas that will enable unmanned and manned drones to perform safely and effectively. Founded By CEO Dr Dennis Majoe in (2018), Motion Robotics have recently been selected as one of the winners of the Drones Transport Research and Innovation Grants. DTRIG: Drones a 2021 Programme on behalf of the Department for Transport (DfT) as well as having contributed to the Future Flight COVID-19 response With UKRI (United Kingdom Research and Innovation). The company is actively engaged in UKRI and Department of Energy funded projects promoting resilience in health care by way of advanced robotics and artificial intelligence With their upcoming Project

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