Indro Robotics release “Commander”

Indro Robotics release “Commander”

(OTTAWA, ON) – InDro Robotics is pleased to announce the release of “Commander” – a platform agnostic hardware and software module that takes the difficult work out of developing and customizing teleoperated Uncrewed Ground Vehicles. The module allows for the rapid integration of multiple sensors and easy remote operations with wireless recharging.

Building robots is hard. InDro’s Commander has been designed from the ground up to make building a functioning robot capable of 4G/5G teleoperations a less painstaking task. Simply bolt on the module and attach two wires for power supply. Commander contains multiple sensor interface ports and industry-standard Robot Operating System (ROS) software libraries, allowing users to quickly customize their desired robot.

What’s more, Commander includes network connectivity and works with a browser-based console for remotely controlling your UGV from literally anywhere on earth – providing there’s a cellular connection/network at both ends. Data is streamed in real-time, along with GPS data, robot health indicators and more.

“Our engineering team came up with the concept of the InDro Commander after integrating and customizing our own robots,” says Philip Reece, CEO of InDro Robotics. “We realized there were hurdles common to all of them – so we designed and produced a solution. Commander vastly simplifies turning a platform into a fully functioning, teleoperated robot.”

Onboard EDGE computing by an NVIDIA Jetson processor (Xavier) reduces latency and unlocks the potential for AI-related tasks like object recognition and change detection. Connectivity is via 4G/5G, and Commander can utilize the CAN (Controller Area Network) protocol, Serial or Ethernet. The ruggedized box has its own cooling system and power regulator and has an Ingress Protection factor of > IP55.

Commander comes with two pinhole cameras for front/back situational awareness and navigation, but can seamlessly integrate a wide-ranging array of sensors or end effectors. Even future modifications, such as the addition of LiDAR or thermal sensors, can be quickly made with minimal time and effort. Commander has been installed on multiple custom UGVs, including an innovative robot deployed in California for solar inspections.

“For end-users wanting a fully customized robot, Commander saves a huge amount of time and hassle,” says InDro Engineering Lead Arron Griffiths. “Customers using this module see immediate benefits for sensor integration, and the web-based console for remote operations provides streaming, real-time data. Commander also supports wireless charging, which is a huge bonus for remote operations.”

Measuring 39x41x20cm (roughly 15x16x8”), Commander is platform-agnostic and compatible with any UGV platform utilizing Robot Operating System (ROS) software. These include AgileX, Boston Dynamics, Clearpath Robotics and more. You can read more about the Commander solution in this article.

The InDro Robotics Commander is now available. For more information, or to arrange a demonstration, contact us here. For additional assets, including images, video and a four-page brochure, click here.

About InDro Robotics: With bureaux in multiple Canadian cities, InDro Robotics is the Canadian leader in Robotics Research and Development, along with complex UAV solutions, service provision and training. InDro not only develops new technologies directly for clients, but also conceives, develops, tests – and ultimately sells – other innovative solutions. The company is actively involved in cutting-edge trials and was the first UAV company in Canada to receive a Cargo license from the Canadian Transportation Agency