Flightradar24 start using satellites for ADSB coverage.

Flightradar24 have started using the GOMX-3 satellite from GomSpace to collected ADS-B data from flights transiting the Atlantic Ocean outside there terrestrial coverage area and integrated that data into the Flightradar24 network, a first for any commercial flight tracking service.

Not much of a leap of imagination to see this sort of thing filling the gaps over Africa.

“This test provides a plethora of useful data for future efforts as we work to take advantage of space-based ADS-B tracking. As we continue our work with our partners like Gomspace to expand our efforts, we’re confident that satellite-based ADS-B coverage will play a major role in helping eliminate flight tracking gaps around the world,” said FlightRadar24.

They must surely have now the most complete ADSB coverage available. A very clever scaling model. Used by enthusiasts and tech nerds at first, they now have data to share with all sorts of grown ups for a fee.

Well done FR24 from FAPM3 we would have loved to have this when I was working at Atlantic House. But that’s another life ago.