Something for the weekend (yes I know its Monday)

Our American readers will be having the day off, so why not make one of these:-

It was created by TheModelMaker and is just one of many amazing designs…….

I am an architect, designer, customizer, model maker and geek. I am interested in all sort of art and craft. I am self tough artist, I explored different techniques from traditional to digital painting. I also sculpt in epoxy putty and polymer clay from scratch or over ready made vinyl toys. I am interested in all subjects, from characters to architecture. I use a laser cutter for precise fabrication of my buildings and 3d printers for mechanical part of my custom made models. I am interested in customization and design.

This is custom quadcopter inspired by Rey’s Speeder Bike from new Episode 7 Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer.

I designed it in SketchUp and 3d printed first prototype and tested it myself. You can read more about this and other projects on my website
or in this short video showing close ups and work in progress photos here

The electronics I am using are:

Flight controller CC3d
Budget Transmitter and receiver
or more expensive Taranis

Motors I used here were DYS 2300KV but they are too weak for this weight (740g total). I started with 5inch propellers but it was very jumpy. I replaced them with 6inch 6045 and it flies very well, here is combo with 16A escs:
The motors didn’t get hot, but it is quite an effort for 80W motors.
I may upgrade to SunnySky
20A Little Bee ESC like this

I am using 1500A battery but the compartment is big enough for different models.

They are affiliate links so I will be getting points or small percentage of sales but your own price will not change because of that. This small profit will help me to experiment more with electronics and build other custom models in future ( I have 2 more ideas for movie inspired flying objects on my list of things to do, just need time to make it). If you want to build your Speeder or racing quadcopter and at the same time support me, please use provided links to purchase your parts or any other things you are interested in.

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