Midlands UAV operator supports UK aerodrome community

Midlands UAV operator supports UK aerodrome community (1280x853)

UAV operator and consultant, Firefly Aerial Innovation, has presented to Airport Safeguarding Officers from airports across the UK to raise awareness of how commercial drones are operated.

The first partnership of its kind within the UAV sector, the innovative and forward thinking UAV operator, based in Balsall Common, was invited to participate at a meeting of the UK Aerodrome Safeguarding Group.

Founders Stuart Taylor and Paul Trainor, who established the company in May 2015, provided advice on drones, how commercial drone operators work and are regulated and the potential risks around improper drone usage that Safeguarding Officers are increasingly aware of.

Commenting on the opportunity, Paul Trainor said: “We were very honoured to be invited to present at such a meeting, which brought together representatives from many of the UK’s major airports, including Exeter, Gatwick, Heathrow, London City, Luton, Manchester, Southend and Birmingham.

The improper use of drones is currently making the headlines on a daily basis, and it was very encouraging to hear broad interest in how commercial drone operators function and even the potential positive applications of drones within airfields themselves.”

Building on their backgrounds in communication, property and business improvement, together with their shared passion for innovation and the development and benefits of UAV technology, Stuart and Paul believe that the use of professionally operated drones can add value to businesses across the UK.

Stuart Taylor concludes: “When professionally operated in a controlled and safe manner, drones can provide an invaluable and cost effective means to conduct a number of tasks including asset inspection and surveying and I would like to think that a number of the UK’s major airports will realise the benefits of drones in the months and years to come.”

For further information on Firefly Aerial Innovation please visit: www.fireflyai.com/