Industry Experts Outline Real-World UAS Usage Scenarios to Advance Safe Integration of Unmanned Aircraft into the National Airspace System

NUAIR Alliance members showcased how tests at the New York State UAS Test Site can support this mission during two-day conference in Syracuse

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – More than 40 unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) industry experts from 20 global companies came together with the Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research (NUAIR) Alliance to establish key objectives and needed solutions to move the UAS industry forward.

During a two-day conference in Syracuse, New York, leaders discussed what tests will help advance the integration of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) into the national airspace system (NAS), as well as what use case scenarios are needed to develop safety protocols and supporting technologies to fly beyond visual line of sight. Additionally, leaders outlined how the
development and enhancement of the highly instrumented New York State UAS Test Site, in Rome, New York can be best utilized to achieve these goals.

As a result of this comprehensive planning, multiple UAS Traffic Management (UTM) use case scenarios will take place at the New York State UAS Test Site in the coming months. Each scenario will be broken into multiple phases, starting with simulation and moving towards live UAS flights.

Specific tests include:

Through the month of March, multiple UAS service suppliers (USS) will simulate flying beyond visual line of sight to a mock accident scene. This test will demonstrate how each USS technology communicates to one universal system to improve safety and efficiency.

In April, the USS will move from simulations to live flights between Griffiss International Airport and Oriskany, New York. During these flights the UAS will need to communicate with weather service providers to understand flight conditions and ensure safe flights. These tests will also introduce other unmanned aircrafts, testing how they communicate with and avoid one another. One aircraft will be flown directly towards the other and each will be forced to alter their course
to avoid a collision.

Testing of detect and avoid technology will continue through the month of May, including the introduction of non-participating UAS (i.e. hobbyists or media in the area). This will help to ensure the safety of all involved during an event such as an accident where UAS may be being used by safety personnel at the same time media outlets are covering the scene

All of these use cases will highlight commercial applications and show how the unique capabilities of UAS can enhance operations and safety. Furthermore, these tests will showcase the vast capabilities of UAS technology during real-life scenarios and how well-equipped the UAS Test Site
is to facilitate these tests.

NUAIR, a global leader advancing unmanned systems technology, hosted the conference and is committed to supporting businesses looking to do research and development that can lead to the safe integration of UAS.

“This event enabled us to bring these leaders together to share information and make progress in our efforts to enhance the UTM Test Site,” said Major General Marke F. “Hoot” Gibson (ret), CEO, NUAIR. “Each member of our alliance is looking forward to working on the key objectives we’ve outlined and contributing to NUAIR’s overall goals and vision.”

“This summit of UAS industry leaders will translate to tremendous benefits for Oneida County’s Test Site at Griffiss International Airport,” said Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente Jr. “The plan that was developed will result in multiple traffic management case scenarios emanating from Rome that will highlight commercial applications and the unique capabilities of UAS. The innovations happening here in the Mohawk Valley are driving the entire global industry forward.”

Industry leaders in attendance included: Akrobotix, ANRA, Assured Information Security, AX Enterprize, CAL Analytics, C & S Companies, Crown Consulting Inc., GE Global, JHU/APL, NY UAS Test Site, OneSky, Measure Inc, Raytheon, SAAB, SRC, Syracuse University, Thales, TruWeather Solutions, and Unifly.


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