FAA:-COE for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

FAA:-COE for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)


In accordance with Public Law 101-508, the FAA plans to competitively select a Center of Excellence for UAS within the next year. The COE will be a geographically disbursed consortium of the FAA, university partners and their affiliates selected by the FAA Administrator to conduct UAS related research, education and training while working jointly on issues of mutual interest and concern. The FAA will initially issue cooperative agreements to the selected university team members and specific projects will be defined and funded through matching grants over the life of the COE. In accordance with Public Law 101-508, the COE is responsible for matching all funds granted to establish, operate and conduct related research, and may contract with others as appropriate. Following the COE competitive process, the FAA sponsor may also generate requirements that would be supported through contract tasks awarded by the FAA to the COEmember universities for FAA purpose.

Communications regarding the COE for UAS are now restricted. The FAA COEProgram Office is accepting from all sources: comments regarding the Draft Solicitation through July 15, and questions to be published with answers in the weekly Q&A postings. Send comments and questions to Patricia.Watts@faa.govand continue to visit this site for official COE UAS notifications and updated information.

Please Note: The Q&As posted on this site are intended to assist the universities as they prepare proposal submissions and focus primarily on matters which are relevant to the COE UAS application process.

UAS specific questions which do not impact the applicants’ ability to respond to the Final Solicitation, those presented at the public meeting and submitted thereafter, may not necessarily be posted on this site. UAS specific Q&As will be posted only after being coordinated with FAA Headquarters.