A Safe and Joyous Christmas to all.

I just realised that some of our readers are heading into Christmas day shortly! From all of us at sUAS News may I take the opportunity to wish you all well during the festive season.

sUAS News has had a year of steady consistent growth of which we are all very proud.  We reach 10,000 plus people a day via social media and the site itself. Here are the most popular of these:-

A recently launched a Google+ Community Unmanned Aircraft Operators and the tablet /smartphone version of sUAS News and its sister version Multicoptor News  are gaining readers daily.  There is also a version of positive stories prompted by the drone journalism twitter group #DroneJChat

There are groups on LinkedIn  sUAS News    Remotely Piloted Aircraft      Multi Rotor Operators

More business have added themselves to our trade directory which is free to do.

The runaway success story has been the Podcast Patrick and Gene have done an excellent job of finding and speaking with industry movers and shakers. Launched in April the shows have received more than 160,000 downloads.

We are committed to providing up to date news and comment that cuts through the smoke and sees through the mirrors very often presented. Every sUAS News contributor has flown and operated an unmanned system and we think it makes a difference.

If you want to get news of your business or projects to industry professionals engaged across multiple platforms then please drop us a line.

I’m going to have an adult beverage now, be safe enjoy your families even the members you are only seeing because it’s Christmas.