Aeromapper Ready to Fly GIS UA.

The Aeromapper RTF UAV  comes with ArduPilot Mega 2.5 installed and ready, and a great mapping camera: the Casio Exilim H20G with Hybrid GPS.

It’s probably one of the best camera options for UAV mapping since it has a GPS that even works when it loses link with satellites. Motion sensors inside the camera calculates the position even if there`s not a clear view of the sky (three-way accelerometer and a three-way direction sensor). So it know its position even inside buildings. Additionally, it features a 14 Megapixel sensor, amazingly long lasting battery, 10x zoom lens, 360 degree panorama feature and many more excellent functions.

The camera is included with the Aeromapper UAV, installed and ready to use with an interface to shoot images automatically every X seconds (depending on the Option you choose on our website), but it is also sold separately in case you want just the camera. So if you already have a UAV that is made of composites or doesn’t allow a clear view of the sky and you want to tag your images with great precision, go ahead and order the camera from our website.

The Aeromapper UAV is also unique in that it offers a simple and effective solution that protects the camera and electronics from dirt coming into the payload bay during landing, with a servo activated door on the camera opening . It is amazing to see how many expensive UAVs are offered in the market and lack such a basic and important feature. The Aeromapper solves that, still having a very attractive price (under $4,5K including everything, ready to fly!). As a airframe kit is available for under $1K. It`s probably the best value UAV among composite – high performance UAVs.

We have the goal to make of the Aeromapper UAV the best-selling UAV for mapping and No.1 UAV platform for multipurpose applications. We`ll keep improving it, adapting it, adding accesories and payloads and one of our priorities is to offer you the best combination of product and customer support after sale.

More information at our website, or email us at [email protected]