Indian OpenSource autopilot released.

My how things change, the first GPS that I used in an AP was bigger than this! You also need an I/O board to speak to your RC gear. It all looks looks very similar to the OpenPilot project…

We are glad to announce the release of a micro navigation and control module to serve as an autopilot for UAVs/MAVs. NavStik is one of the smallest and most powerful such platforms available with open-source RTOS based software/drivers that can be used for a variety of applications related to mobile robotics. 

NavStik is a compact yet powerful, modular navigation and control module for DIY and research community. It comprises of a rich set of sensors, including, inertial sensors, pressure sensors and GPS for accurate navigation data, along with a powerful 32-bit Cortex M4 microcontroller with FPU for extremely fast number crunching.

A range of expansion boards are available for interfacing NavStik with the external world. The users may select appropriate expansion boards based on their applications. Besides these, NavStik’s capabilities may be further extended by plugging in a Gumstix Overo® COM to the connectors available on NavStik.

Key features of this module are:

  • 3-axis Accelerometer
  • 3-axis Gyroscope
  • 3-axis Magnetometer
  • Barometer (Static Pressure Sensor)
  • GPS
  • Temperature Sensors for Temperature Compensation of Sensor Data
  • Cortex M4 Based Microcontroller (STM32F4: 32 bit, 168 MHz)
  • Onboard SPI Flash with 16 Mb Memory
  • Connectors for Interface Board (required for power and interface to external world)
  • Connectors for Gumstix Overo® (optional – available from Gumstix; for power intensive applications)
  • Connector for GPS Antenna (optional; required for GPS applications)
  • Differential Pressure Sensor (optional; for air-speed estimation)
  • Power Regulators and Switches (for programatically controlling power to subsections)

A suitable interface board may be selected based on the application. A debugging (JTAG) and ground-control-station board (with telemetry interface and console) is also available. For more details please checkout the community portal: Limited boards are now available and can be ordered from the NavStik store: