The MP2128g2 and MP2128HELI2 are MicroPilot’s latest board level solutions for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flight operations. MicroPilot’s fourth generation autopilots, the MP2128g2  and MP2128HELI2 join MicroPilot’s family of board level, integrated and triple redundant autopilots and offers new, improved technologies that provide better performance for miniature UAV’s.

May 25, 2011 – Stony Mountain, Manitoba, Canada – MicroPilot, leader in autopilot solutions for miniature unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), this week introduces the MP2128g2 and MP2128HELI2MicroPilot’s newest, more enhanced versions of its board level autopilots. Available in both fixed wing, MP2128g2, and helicopter versions, MP2128HELI2, these autopilots are MicroPilot’s newest premium autopilot.

Improved accelerometers and rate gyros give the MP2128g2 and MP2128HELI2 better attitude estimate for superior control.

Improved memory architecture allows three times more processor throughput than MicroPilot’s previous autopilot, the MP2128g Feedback loop update rates can now run at .180Hz, up from 90Hz. On board RAM increases to 16 Mbytes allowing for more sophisticated functionality in the autopilot’s software and larger customer plug-ins. Onboard Flash increases to 8 Mbytes allowing for larger and higher frequency datalogs.

Better radio frequency noise characteristics better isolate the MP2128g2 and MP2128HELI2 from external RF interference. Spread spectrum clocks and improved board level design significantly reduce the RF interference generated by the MP2128g2 and MP2128HELI2 simplifying the integration process.

The MP2128g2 and MP2128HELI2 are designed and produced to IPC-Class 3 standards.  Electronics manufactured to the IPC-Class 3 standard carries with it the highest level of end product reliability.

A new secondary microcontroller with a built-in dead man safety system features heightens the MP2128g2‘s and MP2128HELI2’s dependability.

The MP2128g2 and MP2128HELI2 also include a 4Hz single-chip GPS receiver integrated on board which improves reliability.  The integrated GPS receiver also reduces the MP2128g2’s weight by 15% down to only 24 grams. If higher precision positioning is required, an external Novatel Carrier Phase GPS can be used.

The MP2128g2 and MP2128HELI2 are upward compatibility with MicroPilot’s existing family of autopilots, including form factor, connectors and configuration settings.  Other features include fully autonomous operation from launch through recovery. Multiple launch and recovery types including runway takeoff/landing, catapult/hand/bungee launch, deep stall recovery.

Between them, the MP2128g2 and MP2128HELI2 can fly multiply UAV types including fixed wing, helicopter and multi-rotor. Both autopilots incorporate a 1000 entry more than waypoints command buffer. In addition they offer in flight programmability including, all waypoints upload, waypoint insert, waypoint delete, waypoint move, waypoint goto and go here. Extensive data logging capabilities, installation tools, and sophisticated ground control software.

By Gary Mortimer

Founder and Editor of sUAS News | Gary Mortimer has been a commercial balloon pilot for 25 years and also flies full-size helicopters. Prior to that, he made tea and coffee in air traffic control towers across the UK as a member of the Royal Air Force.