The UAV Flight Training & Simulation Market 2011-2021 report from Visiongain offers a comprehensive analysis of the global market for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operator flight training and simulation products and services, ranging from unmanned aircraft system (UAS) simulators to live UAV flight training courses. Visiongain’s calculations indicate that sales in the global UAV flight training and simulation market will be worth $375m in 2011.

Rapid growth in demand for the critical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) data provided by UAVs has been driving procurement of new platforms and in turn fuelling rising demand for trained operators. Governments around the world have been investing in a range of training capabilities in an effort to meet this demand.
Visiongain’s analysis demonstrates that the global UAV flight training and simulation market is a growing marketplace offering opportunities that could lead to a range of companies realising commercial success, from the major global defence and security systems integrators to specialist UAV flight training and simulation consultancies.
As the leading operator of UAVs, the US dominates the global UAV flight training and simulation market. But there are also contracting opportunities in Europe and elsewhere in the world, with armed forces struggling to expand their training capabilities as unmanned systems technology continues to advance very rapidly.

How is spending on high-fidelity UAV simulators likely to be affected as government budgets continue to come under intense pressure? What role will simulation play in future training programmes? What are the prospects for opening up civilian airspace for UAV training flights? Visiongain seeks to answer these critical questions and many more through the in-depth, thorough and comprehensive analyses presented within The UAV Flight Training & Simulation Market 2011-2021 report.

By Gary Mortimer

Founder and Editor of sUAS News | Gary Mortimer has been a commercial balloon pilot for 25 years and also flies full-size helicopters. Prior to that, he made tea and coffee in air traffic control towers across the UK as a member of the Royal Air Force.