Aeromech Fury 1500 flies

Aeromech Fury 1500

AeroMech Engineering,Inc. (AME) announces the successful first flight of the Fury® 1500 SmallTactical Unmanned Aerial System (STUAS). The successful hour-and-a-half flightoccurred on November 30 at Hunter Liggett Airfield. This new version of theFury® was developed at AME’s UAS facility in San Luis Obispo, California. TheFury® is operated and controlled by AME’s UAS Mission Management software,SharkFin®.

The Fury® is a long-endurance, survivable, and runway-independent UAS providingthe large payload capacity needed to satisfy critical requirements for theWarfighter. Fury® 1200, which was designed for multiple special missions, hadits initial flight in 2008.
“We are extremely pleased with the flight of the Fury® 1500. Everything fromlaunch, through a flawless flight and clean recovery, went extremely well. Thisserves as a testament to the hard work and talent of our team and our partners.With Fury® 1500 we will help ensure that the Warfighter has the benefit of aMulti-INT, long-duration, and runway-independent asset as soon as possible,”said John Purvis, Vice President of STUAS for AME.

Fury® 1500 development is being supported by the United States Air ForceResearch Laboratory (AFRL) to address multiple Warfighter requirements. Designed for a broad range of missions and long endurance, Fury® 1500’s large payloadvolume and power capacity can support several payloads simultaneously andprovide for a flexible, multi-mission capability not currently available withother UAS platforms.

“The Fury® is a very capable system in its original configuration and now, withthe 1500, we can provide new and industry-leading capabilities in a relativelylow-cost package. Fury® 1500 leverages both our aircraft production capabilitiesand our advanced ISR mission management software SharkFin®,” added Dr. RobertMiller, AME’s CTO and development lead on the Fury® 1500.