Feedspot votes sUAS News number one Drone Blog


A pleasant thing to wake up to on a Saturday morning, Anuj Agarwal of Feedspot emailed to inform me that a panel of judges had selected sUAS News as their number one drone website.

Thanks very much Feedspot, it’s been nine years in the making. Anything that has been around since before the DJI Phantom almost feels pre-history these days. I am proud to be able to say sUAS News was part of the dawn of the new drone age. The old drone age started in 1917.

sUAS News started as an email to friends of news stories that I had found online. That then spawned a website because it was easier to get the word out to their friends. Now we have grown to the largest drone news outlet on the web. Before sUAS News there was no free unmanned aircraft news source. The big ones were all behind paywalls.

We are not journalists or web experts, we are all drone drivers, and have been since day one. This, I believe, makes a difference.

I also believe we have a different kind of drone show in sUSB Expo we try and make sure speakers the truth, not the hype. We were also the first commercially orientated, no military stuff allowed, in North America.

Too early to open a beer!

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