Vestel win $20mil tender for Turkish Forces.


Turkey’s Vestel Corporation has won a tender of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) for the supply of unmanned aerial vehicles engineered completely by Vestel.
Vestel’s Executive Board Chairman Omer Yungul said that the company gave high importance to the project involving unmanned aerial vehicles.

We have won the tender of the TSK. However, we have not signed the agreement yet. We will sign the agreement in a short period of time. The project will be worth 20 million USD. We will manufacture eight unmanned aerial vehicles with two land stations for two fleets. The manufacturing process will take place in Turkish capital of Ankara. This project will be a good beginning for us, Yungul underlined.

Our unmanned aerial vehicles to be manufactured for the TSK will be a good reference for us in entering markets around the globe. These vehicles’ technology will be as good as those utilized by the United States and Israel, Yungul said.

Reminding that Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) currently manufactures unmanned aerial vehicles, Yungul said that Vestel may cooperate with TAI in the future for joint production.