IAI Panther flight video released.

IAI Panther

IAI have released video of its new UAS due to enter service next year. The footage shows the mini Panther making the all important transitions between vertical and forward flight and back again.

The UAV was developed by IAI’s Malat division, which has been looking at new designs to fill some of the operational gaps between the company’s largest, longest-range Heron TP UAV — now in operation with the Israeli Air Force — and its smallest 0.5-kg. (1.1-lb.) Mosquito UAV with a 30-40 min. flight time.

“In between we have something very new — a design that can take off and land on grass, ice or desert,” says Tommy Silberring, general manager of Malat’s military aircraft group. “The idea is to take off and land without a parachute or crash cushion.”

The principal features of the aircraft are tiltrotor engines that allow pinpoint takeoffs and landings or, if desired, conventional landing and takeoff operations. It also has automatic navigation to targets of interest and day/night cameras.