ZALA AERO launches new VTOL UAV ZALA 421-21

On Tuesday 8st June, 2010 ZALA AERO officially launched its new VTOL ZALA 421-21 with its unique six rotor design. The unmanned complex based on the helicopter UAV ZALA 421-21 is designed for remote landing and monitoring at altitude 10-1000m at a distance of 5km from the ground control station with maximum endurance of 25 minutes. The unique design permits the UAV to be extremely quiet in any environment. UAV transmits real-time video and photographs. The UAV is fully autonomous which requires minimal operator input for any mission and semi-autonomous without GPS mode is available for use inside buildings. The UAV can land on structures to preserve power while still monitoring and listening in on the target. Easy application and transportations are key elements that this platform offers.

Payload capacity of 0.5 kilograms offers the VTOL ability to integrate payloads of small UAVs but at much closer range and zero movement. Infrared payloads are currently being implemented for night time reconnaissance.

Future developments are being focused on increasing endurance to around 40 minutes and increasing the range to around 15km. Payload modification include combining day video camera and infrared camera for multi-purpose missions. New model is due to be released before the end of the year.