Calling All Drone Show Innovators: The 4th International Drone Show Competition is open for applications

Calling All Drone Show Innovators: The 4th International Drone Show Competition is open for applications

September 18, 2023 (Riga, Latvia) – The 4th International Drone Show Competition, an annual
celebration of innovation in drone shows, is now open for participants from all over the world,
including drone show providers, tech teams, designers, vendors, event and marketing agencies,
light and integrated show organizers, and drone show fans. Organized by SPH Engineering, this
competition showcases exceptional talent in the world of drone shows and welcomes
participants from across the globe.

Since its launch in 2020, the SPH Engineering’s Drone Show Competition has reached over 104
countries, with 469 participants and the honor of recognizing 31 outstanding creators.
The Competition aims to bring together the best representatives of the drone show industry and
present their amazing drone light shows and projects to the world!

“As the drone show industry continues to soar to new heights, the International Drone Show
Competition stands as a testament to the limitless creativity and technical innovation of
participants from around the world. We’re excited to witness the incredible drone displays and
projects that will grace this year’s competition. Together, we’ll illuminate the skies and inspire
the world with the magic of drone shows”, Alexander Levandovskiy, Head of Drone Show
Technologies in SPH Engineering.

The 4th Drone Show Competition is shifting from an online format to an offline event, uniting the
Global Drone Show Community. This year’s jury panel consists of experts, innovators and
leaders from media, drone technology, and entertainment industries. Winners will receive
worldwide recognition, and exciting top prizes, including the opportunity to showcase their
animations at Drone Show Festival 2024. Other prizes include FPV Drones, tickets to
prestigious international festivals for marketers and designers like Cannes Lions 2024, as well
as other useful items for drone show providers.

The 4th International Drone Show Competition is honored to have an esteemed panel of
industry experts who will evaluate the submissions:

  • Alex Levandovskiy, Head of Drone Show Technologies at SPH Engineering
  • Armands Blumbergs, Expert in drone show choreography / 3D animation, Executive Producer
    at Base Motion
  • Sally French, Founder of The Drone Girl
  • Michael S. Eddy, Editor of Projection, Lights & Staging News (PLSN) Magazine
  • Fran Arnau, CEO at Flock Drone Art and director of the International Drone Festival
  • Ernest Biosca, Artistic Department Manager of Flock Drone Art and Co Director of the
    International Drone Festival
  • Vincent Bauer, The Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Diffuse, France
  • Pedro Rosário, CEO & Pathfinder at Drone Show Animations
  • Paul New, Co-Founder and Director of The Institute for Drone Technology
    These seasoned professionals bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the competition,
    ensuring that submissions will be evaluated comprehensively and fairly based on various
    criteria, including technical requirements, artistic value, visual impact, show goals, target
    audience, and results of the activities.
    The competition features several exciting categories:
    Drone Show Animation supported by Drone Show Festival in Spain
  • Recognizes creativity and storytelling through animation on themes like fantastic creatures and
    vanishing wildlife.
  • Participants must create drone animations with a duration of no more and no less than 9
    minutes using Blender animation software.
  • Videos must be recorded in high quality and meet specific technical criteria.
  • Entries will not participate in the first-stage community voting; the jury will evaluate this
    category separately.
  • Winners may participate in the Drone Show Festival organized by Flock Drone Art in Spain.
    Drone Show at the Event:
  • Participants should submit videos showcasing live drone show performances at events.
  • Videos must not exceed five minutes in duration.
  • The performance should demonstrate accuracy, creativity, and audience engagement.
  • Videos of drone shows in 2023 are eligible.
    Drone Show Storytelling:
  • Participants must present drone show performances that convey compelling narratives or
  • Videos must not exceed five minutes in duration.
  • Entries will be judged based on their ability to engage the audience with a coherent storyline.
  • Videos of drone shows created for this competition or flown at events are allowed.
    Drone Show as a Marketing Tool:
  • This category highlights drone shows used for marketing purposes.
  • Videos must not exceed five minutes in duration.
  • Entries should effectively promote a brand, product, or event.
  • Videos of drone shows used in marketing campaigns are eligible.
    Drone Show for Raising Social Awareness:
  • Participants should create drone shows that raise awareness of social problems or causes.
  • Videos must not exceed five minutes in duration.
  • Entries should convey messages related to social issues.
  • Videos of drone shows at charitable or awareness events are eligible.
    Drone Show with a Small Fleet of up to 100 Drones:
  • This special prize recognizes exceptional creativity and accuracy in drone shows using a
    smaller fleet of drones (less than 100).
  • Videos must not exceed five minutes in duration.
  • Participants must demonstrate innovative choreography and synchronization.
    Collaborative Drone Show:
  • This award recognizes drone shows resulting from teamwork among drone show providers.
  • Videos must not exceed five minutes in duration.
  • Participants should highlight community collaboration.
    Rising Star Drone Show:
  • This special award is for start-up businesses or individuals new to the drone show industry
    (established in 2022).
  • Videos must not exceed five minutes in duration.
  • Participants should showcase their talent, creativity, and potential.
    One of the key rules emphasizes that drone shows submitted in previous years are eligible for
    resubmission only if significant, unique, and innovative improvements have been made. The aim
    is to encourage continuous advancement in the field. Participants can submit one application for
    each nomination.

The 4th International Drone Show Competition offers a platform for showcasing creativity,
technical prowess, and the ability to captivate audiences through mesmerizing drone shows.
With the support of the distinguished jury panel, this contest promises to elevate the drone show
industry to new heights.

For more information about the competition, including detailed rules and application deadlines,
please visit the official competition website.

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