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Radiocoms forges international alliance with Modirum to widen UK offer

The boards of Radiocoms Systems Limited, a leading UK emergency communications provider, and Modirum, an international video-streaming and data business, are pleased to announce a joint service offering, building on Radiocoms ́ existing voice and data services excellence in critical environments, on Android and IOS to include video-streaming and other essential digital services.

The shared offering will be focused first on the UK Emergency Services Show, being held at the NEC
Birmingham from 19-20 September.

Modirum Securities Technologies, headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, brings world-leading capabilities
in tactical command and control solutions, based on mission-proven software. Its technologies are
currently deployed in a range of NATO and EU environments. It operates with the strapline ́ when a
second is a lifetime ́.

Radiocoms is initially working with UK opportunities unless agreed with Modirum. The company see
this technology primarily for mission critical customers such as the MoD, the emergency services and
other government bodies.

Mark Blythe, Managing Director of Radiocomms, said:

“Many of Radiocoms’ customers already have Android or IOS devices which are being utilised for
Radiocoms voice and data services. The addition of real time video streaming is a natural addition to
the portfolio which allows Radiocoms ́ customers to add services to its existing equipment without
any additional capital expenditure. Radiocoms ́ project engineers and sales staff have been provided
training on the new application and expects to see its first customers on the platform in Quarter 1

We maintain a range of services which includes digital voice and data, press to talk over cellular and
body worn data, video.”

The Modirum video streaming technology enables Radiocoms to offer its mission critical customers
real time video streaming utilising the same device that the company is providing for voice, data and
video streaming services.

Tomi Virtanen, CEO of Modirum Securities Technologies, said:

“We have long regarded the UK market as of high interest, and in Radiocoms have found the ideal
partner and platform with which jointly to market an enhanced offering to the UK emergency
services, defence and related markets. We bring established tier one credibility with NATO forces,
and other environments where security and speed are of the essence of delivery. We each have
long-established cultures of excellence and client-focus.”

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