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UAVOS Expands Its Manufacturing Facility to Produce CompositeComponents

UAVOS has launched a new composite manufacturing facility to produce composite parts for structural unmanned aircraft sub-assemblies. The facility is able to produce composite structural components and assemblies, including fuselage and wing parts, skin panels, and moveable surfaces. Capable of having proven industrialized capabilities in composite production, the new processing line substantially improves the process and cost efficiency with reduced waste and energy consumption to produce advanced composite parts.

UAVOS’ new composite production shop consists of different areas for particular processes, applying  most important composite technologies: RTM – resin transfer molding, autoclave and hand lay-up. It’s equipped with the factory machinery, electronic equipment, and all advanced tools for painting, curing, cutting and lamination of composite fibers.

“UAVOS continues on its path of investing in new technology and production equipment that supports sustainable solutions for our customers,” says Aliaksei Stratsilatau, Co-Founder and CEO of UAVOS. “With a well equipped production environment UAVOS is able to meet the high-quality requirements for the most complex composite components for unmanned aircraft”.  

UAVOS is a developer and manufacturer of security and commercial solutions based on advanced Unmanned Systems with an international investor base. UAVOS technology, products, and tailored services include multi-role UAVs, unique proprietary autopilots, advanced communication systems, UAV components, and experiential training. UAVOS is involved in stratospheric R&D projects having developed the HAPS ApusDuo autonomous aircraft and the HiDRON meteo- missions stratospheric glider ready to deploy missions to the stratosphere. UAVOS’ mission statement is to create the right partnerships and shared goals with customers worldwide in order to build mutual technology and innovation capabilities for the benefit of our partners and customers.

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