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Army of Drones project sends 270 Ukrainian-made Vampire UAVs to the contact line


The Army of Drones project is sending over 270 Ukrainian-made Vampire attack drones to the contact line [The Army of Drones is a joint project of the Ukrainian General Staff, the State Special Communications Service, the Ministry of Digital Transformation and Defence Ministry to procure UAVs for the Ukrainian Armed Forces – ed.].

The minister said the UAVs were domestically produced. They are capable of carrying up to 15 kilogrammes of payload. The Ukrainian forces will use them to destroy armoured vehicles and tanks, as well as Russian defences, fortifications and ammunition storage points.

Each drone is equipped with a thermal imager, enabling it to operate effectively at night.

“You will soon see the striking performance of these drones in the reports of UAV attack companies.

The hunt for the occupiers by the Ukrainian Defence Forces will become even more effective. Glory to Ukraine!”.

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