Russia-1 TV Report Highlights Increased Production of ZALA Lancet Kamikaze Drones

A report aired on Russia-1 TV on July 16, 2023, highlighted the increased production of the ZALA Lancet kamikaze drones. The report featured interviews with ZALA chief designer Alexander Zakharov, an interview with a Lancet drone operator, footage of Lancet drone strikes in Ukraine, and footage of the Lancet production process.

It was revealed that the production of Lancets has increased as much as 50 times since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Russia believes there are now enough Lancet units to target every NATO tank in Ukraine. But I think we all know it’s not as simple as that.

Alexander Zakharov said that the nickname “Lancet” has been given to the drone because it is a surgical tool. He also explained that there are now three models of the Lancet drone, known as Item 51, 52 and Item 53. The three models differ in range and in the power of the warhead.

Zakharov said that the Item 51 model has a range of 25 kilometres and a warhead of 3 kilograms. The Item 52 model has a range of 40 kilometres and a warhead of 5 kilograms. Item 53 is tube-launched.

The Lancet naming structure confuses me a touch, some folks give it an X as well for the wing shape so instead of Item 51 – X51. According to Wikipedia Lancet utilizes the Jetson TX2 module by NVIDIA as its onboard control equipment and the Xilinx Zynq SoC module by Xilinx, an American company owned by AMD, for implementing programmable logic

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