Creomagic secure broadband MANET radios at FEINDEF Spain

Creomagic secure broadband MANET radios at FEINDEF Spain

Like many NATO and EU forces, the Spanish defense is undergoing a digital transformation, aiming to meet the new-old challenges of modern military opponents in a symmetric battlefield.

“While fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq or Mali, NATO forces confronted mostly guerrilla fighters, which operated IEDs, suicide bombers, mortars and snipers. Despite their motivation, familiarity with the battlefield and sophistication, the enemy’s capabilities were never even close to the ones of modern military forces”, said Alex Shapochnik, Co-Founder and CEO of CREOMAGIC.

“In today’s battlefield the forces on both sides are modern militaries, mastering advanced maneuver, strike, C4I and intelligence capabilities. Both sides use modern EW and interception means, which either intercept all transmissions or even paralyze improper equipment, such as unsecure drone navigation and data-links.

“Creomagic will present modern broadband MANET communications, with superior COMSEC capabilities, such as jamming avoidance, improved encryption and operation in GPS denied environment.
“These newly introduced means enable military users to share data and video intelligence with no reliance on heavy infrastructure. These new radios control single and multiple autonomous vehicles, and above all, they have a much higher probability to work well when the enemy tries to jam them”, Shapochnik concluded.

Creomagic will present its products and capabilities together with its Spanish partner Aicox Soluciones, at FEINDEF (Feria Internacional de Defensa y Seguridad de España) in Madrid, between 17 and 19 of May (Stand 10D17-D19).