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CargoTron PD250

This one is interesting as it’s one of the first large systems, in this case, created to carry 250kg that mentions a helipad standard, CAP 437 for offshore helicopters. I shall watch this with interest as 200kg has long been my personal sweet spot for delivery drones. Once airspace considerations have been taken into account I can see many craft like this flying in and out of GA airfields and other existing infrastructure. Good luck CargoTron the names a winner in my book ;-)

CAP 437 presents the criteria required by the CAA in assessing the standards of offshore helicopter landing areas for worldwide use by helicopters registered in the UK. These landing areas may be located on:
 fixed offshore installations;
 mobile offshore installations;
 vessels supporting offshore mineral exploitation;
 vessels supporting offshore renewable energy;
 offshore wind farms; or
 other vessels, e.g. tankers, cargo vessels, and passenger vessels.

From their LinkedIn page

CargoTron is a British-Turkish Start-up aiming to revolutionize the express, less than truck load, and business-to-business cargo delivery via aerial services over last and middle-mile routes. For this purpose, CargoTron is developing PD250, a remotely piloted one-tonne eVTOL aircraft with 250 kg payload capacity.

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