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Spain’s Alpha Unmanned Systems announces completion of its first investment round

This is the first external financing that has entered the company based in Madrid which manufactures unmanned UAV helicopters

Alpha Unmanned Systems (AUS) an unmanned helicopter (UAV) manufacturer based in Madrid, announces the closing of its first seed round of external investment capital. With sales to nine countries and growing, this is the first external funding to enter the company since its inception nine years ago. This first round, which was led by Dr.Joseph Menaker, co-founder of UAV Factory, will be used to enhance Alpha’s product development and expand its sales and marketing efforts. Also participating in the seed round as investors were Tobias Webster, former CEO of UAVNavigation and current Director of International Business Development at Alpha and Javier Castaño, co-founder of Agnitio and current CFO of Alpha.

Eric Freeman, Alpha’s co-founder and CEO, said, “Alpha is very pleased and optimistic about the support and investment from one of the industry’s leading experts in Joseph Menaker. Joseph knows a lot about the challenges and opportunities in building a fast-growing UAV company. His extensive experience in UAV manufacturing and sales is extremely helpful to us.

The UAV industry is challenging and complex on many levels, and Alpha is dedicated to learning from the best in the industry.”

Dr.Joseph Menaker, says, “Alpha Unmanned Systems is one of the few small independent UAV manufacturers in existence, with outstanding technology and an excellent team of professionals
ready to expand production and distribution of their devices. I am pleased to know that my experience in this industry is going to be able to help further develop Alpha and take it to the next level of quality manufacturing.”

Founded in 2014 with Spanish capital and headquartered in Madrid, AUS has made direct international sales to both institutional organizations (governments and the Armed Forces) and private entities, with highly demanding and recurring clients in Spain, Israel, USA, Greece, Indonesia, Georgia, Turkey, European Union, etc. With a highly qualified professional team, and with a clear commitment to its niche market, Alpha is in the “top three” of its sector of activity worldwide.

Its newest product, the Alpha 900, is a helicopter designed and manufactured primarily for missions in the marine environment. With a powerful combustion engine that gives it great autonomy and payload capacity (up to 4 hours and can carry payloads of up to 4 kg), the A900 can take off and land autonomously on and from moving vessels with limited space (small deck). In addition, it is built “STANAG Compliant”, so that all critical systems are redundant. All this makes it a perfect technology for navies, coast guard and/or intelligence operations, surveillance, target approach and/or reconnaissance at sea.

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