SkyDrive to Take Part in CES 2023

SkyDrive will participate in CES 2023 in the US, to be held from January 5 to 8, 2023, with the support of Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO). 

CES is one of the largest and most influential tech events in the world.

SkyDrive will exhibit a small-scale mockup of SD-05, our commercial model flying car that we unveiled in September 2022. The SD-05 is currently in development and we are planning to use it to enter into service in 2025. Our first flight route is planned to be in the Osaka Bay area in Japan.  CES will be the first to see the small-scale mockup of SD-05.

Specifications of SD-05

Dimensions(L×W×H)9.4m×9.4m×2.7m(incl. rotor)
Seating CapacityTWO(including pilot)
Power SupplyBattery Electric
Propulsion12 units of motors/rotors
Main Structural MaterialsComposite, Aluminum alloy, etc.
Maximum Takeoff Weight1,100kg(2,400 lbs.)
Maximum Cruise Speed100km/h(airspeed)(54 KIAS)
Operational Flight Range5-10km(subject to operational condition)
Operational Flight Time5-10minutes(subject to operational condition)

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