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Vertiport signage

This LinkedIn post had me thinking, my initial thought was the cart before the horse. Making signs for airframes that don’t really exist yet. This then made me think of the signs 10 years from now gently rusting with no air taxis arriving.

But then it made me consider that at least these folks are thinking and joining the dots with all the small stuff.

The winners in the Vertiport space will be those that know what the car park looks like.

The AIRNOVA-VERTIPORT Take-off and Landing Area Warning Poster is a new sign that will be used to inform people in the vicinity of our Vertiports drone and eVTOL. It will inform of the potential dangers associated with this area, which will make it important to follow the safety instructions. These posters will be used in our Verticalports, VertiStations, VertiHubs and they will be installed in different places around the take-off and landing area, such as at entrances, security checkpoints.

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