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Indian drone manufacturer ENDUREAIR joins DLE

NOIDA, INDIA– the Indian drone manufacturer start-up ENDUREAIR SYSTEMS is the latest member joining the Drone Logistics Ecosystem (DLE). The key differentiator for this start-up and its products is their origin, which lies in more than a decade of research & development in drones. The company focuses on the entire gamut of UAS research and development, including novel airframes, autopilots, communication frameworks, monitoring stations, and computer vision algorithms with an aim to develop cutting edge technology for multiple sectors and provide solutions to real-world problems. EndureAir products offer a combination of features capable of carrying heavy payloads with high endurance. One of their key strengths is their team, which consists of 7 doctorates, 10 postgraduates and many graduates from various tier-1 institutions in India and abroad like IIT Kanpur, IIT Bombay, University of Maryland, Univ. of Leicester and more.

Rama Krishna, CEO of ENDUREAIR SYSTEMS said “In the past, humankind always adopted new technology which brought automation to the manual tasks and minimizes the duration of the task. So, the usage of autonomous drones in delivery operations is not going to be any different. This gives businesses/users a whole new level of freedom to design an efficient solution that can satisfy their customers. Using drones, now it has become reality to deliver a bag of blood to a distance of 40km in just 25minutes. At EndureAir we have already developed drones that can carry 5kg payloads for 40km. Now our focus is on developing drones for mid-mile deliveries that can carry payloads up to 50kg for 50km by end of 2022. To execute this project of this scale, we need to right partners for product development and market establishment in both India and other countries. Being part of DLE, we got one step closer to building sustainable drone-based delivery solutions”.

Drone Logistics Ecosystem™

Drone Logistics Ecosystem (DLE) is a free of charge, global multidisciplinary “quadruple helix” network of Companies, Universities, Public/Government, and Investors to stimulate innovations, collaborations, and standardisations in the drone logistics industry.

The aim of the Drone Logistics Ecosystem is to bring together stakeholders in the drone logistics industry under one roof to support commercialisation and marketing of products of Drone Logistics members. Since the industry at its inception, most of the companies are early-stage start-ups with limited access to funding, manpower and expertise, making us an ideal platform for companies to lend their expertise for joint development of products, consulting, or simply as sub-contractors, or for any other format of cross-disciplinary/border collaboration.

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