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Indian Drone Company DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations Raises USD 4.6 Million in Pre – Seed Round

As the drone industry gains the due prominence and push that it, very well – deserved, more and more
investors are grasping this opportunity to become a part of the early wave. This has benefitted several
drone companies that have been seeking High Net Worth Individuals and industry leaders to become a
part of their organisation.

One such company is DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations, a Pune, India – headquartered Drone Service
Provider, Manufacturer and DGCA certified Remote Pilot Training organisation. Understanding their
potential to grow into one of India’s prominent drone players and expand globally, they have received
an investment of USD 4.6 Million (INR 35 Cr.) from some of the most influential people in the Industry,
Capital Market and Bollywood Fraternity.

What has attracted these investors to DroneAcharya is the fact that the company has some of the best
industry talent and drone and GIS veterans in India. Their cumulative experience and subject matter
expertise is a recipe for a sure shot success.

One of the biggest pushes to the Indian drone industry has been the support from the Government of
India, MoCA and DGCA. With liberal regulations encouraging drone manufacturers to produce more
drones within the country through the Make In India initiative and virtually launching agricultural drones,
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has showcased unrelenting support to the multiple drone startups in
India. Apart from the Prime Minister, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, Union Transport Minister
Nitin Gadkari and the Civil Aviation Minister Jyothiraditya Scindia have applauded and boosted the
impact that drones could have in numerous industries today.

“DroneAcharya is majorly dealing with drone services, DGCA certified drone pilot training and
manufacturing. We are aiming to expand globally, mainly targeting the Middle East, Central Asia and
Africa”, states Prateek Srivastava, Founder and CEO of the company.

DroneAcharya became Pune’s first DGCA approved Remote Pilot Training Organisation according to
the Drone Rules, 2021. They have also delivered medical supplies in partnership with Flipkart for
Medicine From the Sky initiative by the Government of Telangana in association with Apollo Hospitals.
Their major offerings include drone surveying for mapping, 3D modelling, drone logistics, surveillance
and drone data processing.

Apart from this, they have been focusing majorly on talent building for the Drone industry, by providing training courses for all age groups.

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